• How many students usually attend the festival?
    Our enrollment runs around 35-40 harpists.  Typically about half of our students stay in the dorms, and the other half commute to Houston Baptist University each day.
  • What is the typical daily schedule like?
    On Monday, we have check-in at noon or 1pm, followed by orientation, and a short rehearsal.  We finish classes at 4:00pm. Tuesday-Friday we ask students to arrive around 9am so everyone can be tuned and ready to play at 9:30am.  The morning is spent in harp ensemble rehearsals, workshops, and presentations. We all eat lunch together around noon in the cafeteria, some students bring a packed lunch and others pre-purchase lunch from the cafeteria.  After lunch, we have more harp ensemble rehearsals, workshops, games, and presentations. Classes finish at 4:00pm. Monday-Thursday there are optional after-hours classes called the CODA classes, that run from 4:15-5:15. On Friday, we move the harps to our performance space in the Morris Cultural Arts Center for our dress rehearsal. On Saturday, students arrive at 9am to warm-up for our concert.  The concert begins at 11am and usually lasts about an hour and 15 minutes.
  • I am not sure if I want to do the CODA classes (optional after-hours classes). May I sign up later? Sure, if you decide to add on the CODA classes you can sign up during check-in. We encourage students staying in the dorms and those who want to take advantage of more classes to sign-up. The first class is on Monday and Tuesday and the second on Wednesday and Thursday. The topics of these classes changes each year. These classes are not included in the tuition fee and are an additional $45 each. 
  • Do I need to bring my own harp?
    Most students do bring their own harps, but we can facilitate harp rental if needed.  Costs are usually around $80 for a lever harp, and $100 for a pedal harp. Rental harps are subject to availability and are reserved in the order of the registration request, so make sure to request one early and no later than June 15th. For requests after your application has been submitted, contact Hope Cowan. 
  • Do I need to bring my harp back and forth to camp?
    No, your harp will be safely locked up in the classrooms each night. 
  • What if I am vegetarian, have allergies, or other dietary restrictions, can I still eat in the cafeteria?
    Absolutely! Just make sure to let us know, and we will make sure the cafeteria staff are aware of your needs. The HBU cafeteria staff are always very accommodating and understanding of dietary restrictions. 
  • What kind of clothes should I wear during the week?
    You can feel free to dress casually during the week, just like you would for school. Air-conditioning can sometimes be chilly, so we recommend bringing a sweater.  Pedal harpists can feel free to leave their pedaling shoes with their harps. 
  • What is the dress code for the concert on Saturday?
  • Saturday Concert Attire: PLEASE ARRIVE DRESSED. GIRLS: All skirts and dresses must be below the knee when sitting and when standing. You may also wear black pants. No fingernail polish unless clear or pale pink. 1) A solid white or black top with black pants or black skirt OR 2) All black Shoes: Pedal harpists should wear shoes with a back or back strap around the heel. No flip-flops. BOYS: Solid white or black shirt with black pants. No T-shirts, please. Black socks with black shoes. Tie is optional. Jacket is optional.
  • What if I have never played in a harp ensemble before? Will I be able to keep up? Absolutely! We usually have many students who are brand new to ensemble playing, and this camp is a great way to gain experience and learn to play with other musicians.  The best way to prepare is to work with your harp teacher so you are comfortable with the notes for your part. 
  • How do I choose what part to play?
    You and your harp teacher can select the most appropriate part for you to play.  Feel free to focus on only one hand, or have your teacher help you edit your part. We encourage parts to be edited to accommodate your current level of playing. 
  • What is the on-campus dorm experience like?
    Our on-campus students always have a great time! HBU has very nice dorms and a great cafeteria. Safety is always our highest priority. “Dorm mom” chaperones will be with the students at all times and there will be a faculty member on call each evening. In the evenings, after dinner, students remain in the dorm building and will have movie nights, craft projects, games, and other fun activities. On occasion, interested students may be escorted by a chaperone to an evening on-campus concert.