Scholarship Deadline: May 20

All materials required for scholarship application(s) must be received or submitted on-line by midnight. Incomplete applications or applications submitted after May 20th will not be considered.

Students may apply to more than one scholarship. The Mozart scholarship may be awarded to a student only once. The Cynthia Cooper Memorial Scholarship may be awarded to a student only once.

This full tuition scholarship is sponsored by the Gulf Coast Harpers Association in remembrance of beloved Houston harpist Cynthia Cooper. Click here to read more about Mrs. Cooper. In order to receive the Gulf Coast Scholarship, it is required that both teacher and student must be members of Gulf Coast Harpers before May 20th. The membership fee is $10 and may be paid using the GCH Square link. If the Gulf Coast scholarship winner is a Houston area resident, he/she will be asked to perform at one of the Gulf Coast Harp meetings and speak a little about his/her experience. Other winners may be asked to write a report or submit a video performing and speaking about their experience. Factors considered in choosing the recipient: the student’s application form, essay, teacher recommendation, financial need and recorded performances of 2 selections.

THE MOZART SCHOLARSHIPS are funded by generous donations from the harp community and former Festival participants. The amount varies but is no less than $100 towards the Festival Tuition. The Mozart may be awarded to 2 or more students each year. Factors considered in choosing the recipients: the students’ application form, essay, teacher recommendation, financial need and recorded performances of 2 selections.

THE OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a harpist (age 14 – 19 as of July 1st), who excels in all facets of a polished performance: tone, technique, expression and poise. The level of difficulty of the repertoire may also be a factor in choosing this recipient. This scholarship is sponsored by Artistic Director Kimberly DeRosa and will cover the full tuition fee. Applicants must submit a Scholarship application and a video recording of 3 pieces. A single movement of a larger work will qualify as one selection. If no applicants meet a standard performance level, the scholarship will not be awarded. This scholarship does not require a teacher’s recommendation or essay.

Visit the links below and fill out the appropriate form(s) to apply for our camp scholarships.  

To complete a Cynthia Cooper Memorial and/or Mozart Scholarship Application: 
1) Submit the Scholarship Application.
2) The student’s teacher must submit the Teacher Recommendation Form.
3) The student must submit a recording of 2 contrasting pieces.

To complete an Outstanding Performance Scholarship Application:
1) Submit the Scholarship Application
2) Submit a video recording of 3 contrasting pieces.

Scholarship Application

Teacher Recommendation for Cynthia Cooper Memorial Scholarship and Mozart Scholarship only 

All Scholarship recordings may be submitted the following ways:

Email to Ms. Campbell: OR

Upload to YouTube: This option is especially helpful if your video files are large.  You will need a YouTube account.   After your video is uploaded, you will need to share the link with Ms. Campbell. Here are a few tutorials to get you started:
Quick Guide
Sharing YouTube Videos